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On July 24th and 25th 1850 the Danish and Schleswig-Holstein army met at Isted. The battleline longed from the west of Sollbrück and Bollingstedt to Isted and Stolk till Böklund and Wellspang which was an extention of about 18 kilometres and hardly to survey. Besides, it started raining within the night of this 25th July and the fog and the smoke of the cannons made it difficult to watch over the military movements. Only for one moment, so the soldiers tell us, the weather got clearer and a sunray gave sight to a larger part of the battlefield.

A battle, in which about 60.000 men fought against each other and 1.400 died.

The biggest fight north of the River Elbe within living memory.

Now, a book has been published in which the danish and schleswig-holstein soldiers describe there experiences in this fight:

“Die Menschen in der Schlacht bei Idsted”

There are reports about the living in the camp before the days of battle, the food and lodging of the soldiers. Then the fight itself. The injuries and dead of a friend or brother. The sacrificially help from comrades who started defending an injured friend by risking – and sometimes losing – their own lives. The book is also reflecting the fears of the rural population which often got too late a sense of danger for their lives and their goods and chattels.

There are also notes from diaries. Letters to parents assuring them of beeing still alive.

Or it became the last letter – like the danish General v. Schleppegrell to his wife.

Furthermore the completely official reports from General v. Willisen and Generalmajor v. Krogh and:

-          General v. d. Horst

-          v. Wangenheim

-          v. Abercron

-          v. Gerhardt

-          Duke of Schleswig-Holstein

-          8 reports from danish soldiers

-          William Howard Russell (= "English Report 1" on the menu) „Times“, 30. Juli 1850

The book reports are written in German.

All reports are authentic!



-          Maps of the battlefield from 1850-1852

-          Statistics about the cause of the deaths in 1850/1851 (illnesses, accidents a.s.o.)

-          Statistics about the fallen soldiers of the Schleswig-Holstein army

-          Statistics about the fallen soldiers of the danisch army

(both lists incl. the place of birth of the single soldier or where he came from).



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